12-21-2011: ESRI Street Map loses county boundaries, but we have an option. ESRI, the GIS software manufacturer, provides the online Street and Topo base maps we use as backgrounds in HPOWEB. Recently ESRI has modified the Street map to exclude county boundaries until the user is in a very close zoom. This is unfortunate, because it is useful to see and distinguish multiple counties by name from a distance.  This is something we cannot change.
As a substitute, we have modified our Base Data group so the County Boundaries layer is turned on automatically at startup. The boundaries appear at full statewide extent, and county name labels appear when the extent is a width of three or four counties. If the boundaries or county name labels get in your way in a close zoom, you may turn them off by expanding the Base Data group and unclicking County Boundaries. 

11-1-2011: Upgrade to Flex 2.4 loses Load Shapefile tool, but you can still use the old version. We have upgraded the Flex API to version 2.4 from 2.3, which will enable new functionality over time.  However, we have lost the Load Shapefile tool for bringing in your own shapefiles until someone rewrites the widget for 2.4. In the meantime, you can still use the old version — link to http://gis.ncdcr.gov/hpoweb_23/ . All of the historic property/district data will be the same as in 2.4.

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