GIS users, rejoice! You can now download HPO data!

You spoke, we listened.

You wanted more access to our GIS historic resource data, so we’re providing it.

In addition to our interactive web map – HPOWEB, in addition to the streamable web map services we publish, and in addition to our mobile app you can use with your phone or tablet to discover historic resources “in the field”, we are now offering a data download so that you can work directly with our data in your native GIS environment.

Access our GIS data from within HPOWEB by selecting the Data Download button in the toolbar.  (This tool is not available from the General Audience version of HPOWEB, but rather only from the Advanced User version.)

Users can now select the Data Download icon in the toolbar to download GIS data

Users can now select the Data Download icon in the HPOWEB toolbar to download GIS data

Users can save a zipped file to their local machine.  We will update this zipped file monthly, so users are encouraged to check HPOWEB for a live view of the HPO geodatabase, which is updated with new features (and attribute data) on a daily basis.

The zipped file contains all historic resource data displayed in HPOWEB (as of the date of extraction), including both points and polygons, across the entire state of North Carolina – currently almost 70,000 places.

After you download the data, please consider filling out our feedback form to help us understand who uses historic resource data and how we can continue to improve its delivery.  Thanks!

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